Red Neck Tour 2014


Just got back from the tour with Sean and Lynn and Pete and Helen, after a very trying time on holiday.

We set off in the rain and got back in the rain, oh and there was rain in the middle as well.

Our first stop was Just outside Brussels we had a nice meal in a bar/restaurant a few yards from the hotel the hotel staff insisted we park our bikes right beside the windows of the reception so they could keep an eye on them overnight.

This was where we said goodbye to Pete and Helen as they went on their own to the Mosel valley and beyond. We set off to a place called ‘Saint Die des Vosges’ south of Nancy no cyclists with onions on the bikes though.

Now this is where it starts to go pear shaped, setting off for a trip around Lake Constance to a town called Bragenz we came upon a nice little where we stopped for a bite to eat and a wonder around the narrow streets which were two way traffic.

After setting off we came to a road up through the mountains now at this point it was raining not hard but it was constant and as Joy on her bike took a left hander the bike slid from under her and she went down and slid into the kerb hitting the side stand and bending and cracking the frame (we have just been told that it’s a total loss). Joy however came off a lot better with only bruising (though extensive) to her left leg. Pride hurt more than the leg she got up sort of smiling well it was her Birthday at the time.

After a bit of trouble with the recovery garage we got ourselves settled in a local hotel whilst Sean and Lynn went on to visit Lichtenstein and Switzerland without us. After a few calls to the breakdown people we were given a hire car and by 14.30 the next day we were on our way again.

We went straight to our time share in Austria and Sean and Lynn went from where they had stopped the night before. Now what with the rain and the dark the 6.30 trip took us nearer to 8 hour and we got in at 01.00 am and went straight to bed.

With three days to rest and eat cake we were ready for the off on the Saturday so we set our sights on Vienna some 180 miles away, we got there at 14.00 booked in to the hotel bags in the room and then out to see the sights, Lynn wanted to see the famousLipizzanhorses, however with it taking so long to drive through the traffic and finding a parking space we were 5 Minutes late for the tour so we hit the streets. Great buildings if not a little dirty.

The next day we set off for Prague another 200+ miles and we would be there. The one thing not in the equation was diesel on the road. Coming off a roundabout at Hollabrunn just before the border I spun out on a large patch of the damn stuff and put the wing in to an Austrian ditch after high siding it luckily at only about 15-20 mph. I was up before the bike came to a complete halt with only a sore thumb and toe, the wing was not as lucky though.

As we stood about thinking What the …. Just happened the local Police showed up and sorted out the removal of the bike to their holding yard, and after a call to the breakdown people we were off in Joys hire car this time with more luggage than the car could take.

In Prague Joy and I stayed in the hotel sorting out paper work and stuff but Sean and Lynn went out for a walk.

The next day we found ourselves in a place called Rothenberg the city Hitler called the most German City in Germany and it was really nice the hotel was good the food was also good, not cheap but really nice to relax in. We all did the Night Watchman Tour from the nearby square and that was really funny the way the ‘Night Watchman’ went on.

An early start the next day and it was off to meet up with Pete and Helen at a place called Bikers Best in Renswoude in Holland. We were made very welcome by Karin and John as Sean had met them before so much so that we all went around the corner and had a great evening in the local restaurant.

From there it was homewards bound and back to sorting out insurance and the like but not before Joy and I went to Castleford, Yorkshire for the Brit Butt Rally which I was going to do, alas with no bike I was roped into helping the Rally Team with scoring and such yet another great time was had.

Now back to reality and phone calls to and from Carol Nash, it has been confirmed that Joys bike is a total loss, (which we were expecting) we just wait on the offer to come through. Mine is taking a bit longer but we are under no illusion that it will be written off.


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  1. Well its the night before we leave for the Red Neck Tour and every thing is done just a few bits to put in the bike in the morning and we are off.